Mariah Carey is rapidly losing weight for the wedding

Мэрайя Кэри стремительно худеет к свадьбе
The singer sat on a special diet.

Мэрайя Кэри стремительно худеет к свадьбе

Mariah Carey

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Mariah Carey

Photo: @mariahcarey Instagram Mariah Carey

One of the last appearances of Mariah Carey out in public
made a strong impression on her fans. The star looked noticeably postroynevshy,
that it was simply impossible not to notice. As proudly announced the singer, she
only lately parted with the extra seven pounds.

As told to star, this achievement was given to her
it is not easy. The fact that the singer has a tendency to gain weight. And in order
to lose weight, Carey had to make considerable efforts. Hop on effective
but strict Dukan diet she did not dare. The singer decided that unlikely
to completely eliminate carbohydrates from your diet. Why Mariah chose a new
fashion system. The singer decided to use a fish diet. Now she
three times a day consume seafood. According to the prescription of the dietician, she usually
eat for Breakfast kippers, fish and salt for lunch and tuna for dinner. But once in
day she is allowed to eat fruit.

The results of his diet, the singer was left disappointed.
She already wears clothes two sizes smaller than before. But it turned out one
an unforeseen circumstance. Her rapid weight loss, which affected
nice curves Mariah, scared her fiancé James Packer. But for the wedding with James, she actually started a diet…

A romance with Australian billionaire Packer Cary
started last summer. And in January of this year James had asked her to become his
wife. The engagement cost the Packer is not cheap. The fact that on the occasion of the betrothal
he gave his beloved a completely unique ring — diamond 35
CT. This is absolutely an amazing gem, because even Elizabeth Taylor, the
famous lover of diamonds in Hollywood, its the best “stone” weighed “only
only” 33 carats. Packer his gift had cost, say, 7.5 million
dollars. But he is madly in love with the singer and she is ready for any sacrifice. It is obvious that at the wedding with Cary, he is also not save
going. But while Mariah and her fiancé are just planning their ceremony. In
any case, when and where will be their wedding, they have not yet

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