Mariah Carey has renewed her romance with a young boyfriend

Мэрайя Кэри возобновила роман с молодым бойфрендом
The singer could not resist against the youth and charm of a lover.

Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka


Fans of Mariah Carey puzzled new
turn of events: it seems that the singer returned to his young boyfriend Brian
Tanaka, with whom she broke up last month. In any case, if
judging by the photos that the singer tweeted that they were back together:
the picture shows the 47-year-old Mariah, as if nothing had happened,
hugging Tanaka, who, incidentally, is younger than her 15 years. This information appeared on the website of the online edition

Carrie and the Tank captured their delicate
embrace during a recent joint vacation in Northern California. And all
a week ago, they saw for the first time after a quarrel: they were peacefully talking over
a portion of ice cream that turns eating from one bowl. But then a little
those who believe that Mariah renewed their
the affair with Brian.

First of all, because everyone had
impression: after a quarrel with Tanaka, Cary is going to be reunited with his
ex-husband Nick cannon. They began to spend a lot of time together, and both
looked perfectly happy. Moreover, it is closer to Nick,
started a few months ago
was one of the reasons it happened in April of rupture of relations of the singer with Brian. Tanaka then allegedly got jealous
Mariah to cannon.

However, the main reason of quarrel of lovers, as
detractors say Brian was that he became increasingly
expensive jewelry and other “toys” at the expense of Cary. And girlfriend of the singer
began to convince her that Tanaka is just using her. And when Mariah
decided to “put him in his place”, that
pretended to be offended and said that he was leaving. But now, it seems, love
still somehow managed to make peace…