Mariah Carey has lost millions on the wedding

Мэрайя Кэри потеряла миллионы на подготовке к свадьбе
The singer demands from James Packer’s multimillion-dollar compensation.

Mariah Carey and James Packer


As it became known,
Mariah Carey, who recently suddenly left her fiance — billionaire James Packer, plans to request with it $ 50 million. And it
despite the fact that she even had not become the lawful wife of the Packer! This was announced
the website

A little over a month ago Mariah Carey seemed
happy. She does prepare for the imminent wedding with the Packer and has already
to purchase the fabulously expensive dress and pay in advance is also not cheap
accessories for the upcoming ceremony… besides, as explained by the singer, she
for almost a year, almost gave up his career — because of an affair with James. To
also, she moved with the children to another area of America, to be closer to
beloved. And now she wants to get legitimate, according to the singer, compensation
for her incurred losses. One of the main points of her claims, new home in Los Angeles,
which she now needed. As for the luxury engagement rings with
unusually for a Hollywood-sized diamonds (35 carats!), which gave
her fiance’s engagement party, the possibility of his return, not even Mariah
discuss. She believes that the gifts do not return.

This ring Cary was received from James in January of last
year. Their betrothal took place after a 6-month affair, which began in June
2015. Quite a long time everyone thought that the love story Mariah and James is quite well. But, as it turned out recently, the first problem in their relationship appeared
in early summer 2016. Then Carey became friendly with one of his backing dancers
Brian Tanaka. And the Packer began to desperately jealous of him, Mariah. Now, when
Cary and James broke up, it turned out that his jealousy was, apparently,
is not entirely unfounded. Anyway, over the last couple of weeks, Cary and Tanaka
have not once seen together in various clubs and restaurants…