Мэрайя Кэри купила роскошную яхту

Life Mariah Carey is now reminiscent of a Zebra. With black and white stripes alternate quite often, forcing the singer to grieve, to rejoice.

A reason to be sad Mariah was the reluctance of her husband and father of her twins after nick cannon divorce, happy as Carey the fact that the billionaire, who she had eyes, made her an offer.

Wedding couples, if not cannon, was to be held this summer, but now this celebration postponed indefinitely.

How’s that to brighten your day and cheer yourself up, the singer decided to help the journey.

On a private boat her fiancé James packer Mariah went on to conquer uncharted territory.

But it seems that the idea of independence the American singer in blood, because she found time for searching and buying a yacht with a crew of 16 people. Now the ship is anchored off the coast of Italy, equipped with two bars, a Jacuzzi, a gym and a library. The acquisition amount was not disclosed. I will assume that we are talking about several million dollars. Fortunately, Carey, with a fortune of about half a billion dollars, can afford it.

Note that European vacation singer will soon come to an end and she returned to the United States, where she planned a new series of concerts.

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