Mariah Carey decided to return to the ex-spouse

Mariah Carey decided to return to the ex-spouse
The singer is Dating with Nick cannon.

Mariah Carey with children and Nick cannon


Mariah Carey does not get tired
to surprise their fans. No sooner did she break up with Brian Tanaka, as already
start again, go on dates, not with anyone ... with her ex
husband Nick cannon! This was announced by the publication
US Weekly.

At first, everyone thought:
officially divorced Nick and Mariah are seen so often solely for the sake of the children.
But in recent years they are increasingly seen together as a couple in restaurants, where they
dine in the romantic atmosphere by candlelight. Just this week they
arranged Dating twice — first at the restaurant Nobu in Malibu, and a few days in trendy Au Fudge. And
Mariah tweeted a photo, which the whole company — cannon, Carrie and the twins comfortable
located on the big bed… He Carter said recently: “I still love
and I will always love Mariah, because she is the girl of my dreams. We will always be
family. And now we’re closer than it once was. But we’re so good now that I
I’m afraid to change anything for fear of ruin,” commented cannon
talk about the possibility of their remarriage.

Nick and Mariah who played
wedding in 2008, he peacefully lived together for six years, raising twins Monroe and Moroccan.
But in 2014, Carrie decided to leave
husband. However, their divorce proceedings was delayed until October 2016. During this time, Mariah managed to “break” and fade away as much as two novels. First
with billionaire James Packer, whom she was officially betrothed and who was going to marry as soon as you get a divorce. And in June last year
she began a love story with a young dancer Bryan Tanaka. But this relationship already
managed to finish a few weeks ago. By the way, one of the reasons
breakup Mariah and Brian was, as claimed, that Brian was jealous of Carey to nick, with whom she all the time continued to talk. And, as it is now
it turns out, Tanaka wasn’t too wrong in my suspicions…