Mariah Carey continues to wear her engagement ring from James Packer

Мэрайя Кэри продолжает носить помолвочное кольцо, подаренное Джеймсом Пэкером

From the relationship with Australian billionaire James Packer Mariah Carey tries to bring the maximum benefit for themselves.

Singer-grass widow intends to squeeze out the businessman tens of millions of dollars because he like playing it left with nothing.

But the “nothing” concept in this case, tensile. Packer proved to be extremely generous and did not demand the return of Mariah’s engagement ring, which she presented as a sign of love. The cost of the jewelry according to different sources varies between 7.5 and 10 million dollars.

Мэрайя Кэри продолжает носить помолвочное кольцо, подаренное Джеймсом Пэкером

By the way, wear ring Keri refuses. For example, on the weekend the singer was spotted with a jewel on his finger at the outlet from the Catch restaurant in West Hollywood where she dined with friends.

Note that the earlier ex-lover Mariah also demanded 50 million dollars and a new estate.

Recall that James packer broke up with famous singer, accusing her of excessive spending. The journalists TMZ got a hold of the information and decided to find out how Carey was the big spender, and packer – miser.

Presented media got hold of the prenup should have been signed by the spouse. Some of his points were quite categorical.

According to the agreement, in the month Mariah could only spend a specific amount, or to use a private jet wife only with his permission. Furthermore, James undertook to cover the cost of the couple of clothing “for life”, but did not plan to spend money on concert outfits spouses.

In the section on “gifts” as follows: excluding all official holidays (birthday, engagement, wedding) any gift made in any other day, worth more than $ 250 thousand are not considered if not presented with the words “This is my gift to you”.