Мария Захарова поделилась необычным хобби
The other day the official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova for the first time talked to reporters and openly answered their questions.

Мария Захарова поделилась необычным хобби

During the conversation, Maria told about his hobby, which for many is unusual. It turned out that the woman loves dollhouses, and now she is building meter house, located in the apartment of the parents.

“My Dollhouse is the ability to create your world. If I have a chance to increase everything a hundred times, if it was a huge mansion, I would have felt too bad not felt. I one person said, “You run away in your own little world.” Nothing of the sort! I think I proved with his life that is not afraid of big spaces. Just using creativity to improve life – their own hands”, – said the woman.

Maria confesses that since childhood she had been taught to Express themselves.

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