Мария Захарова оправдалась за странное хобби The diplomat spoke about the passion for doll houses. In recognition of Maria Zakharova, from childhood, she used to work as a way of self-expression. Over the years, the star policy began to collect fine objects of small dimensions.
Мария Захарова оправдалась за странное хобби

The official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova gave his first interview to the glossy publication, which talked about one of his Hobbies. The diplomat enjoys a arrangement of the meter of the Dollhouse that stands in her parents ‘ apartment on the Leningrad highway. The woman regularly buys new items, and even spent in the construction of electricity thanks to his Saint Andrew.

In recognition of the star policy, she was fond of miniatures since childhood when flipping through a book about fine copy of the Saint-Petersburg apartment of Pushkin’s friend Pavel Nashchokin.

“I was still not able to read, but the main thing was pictures. To imagine that all this of this size was impossible. “Peace in the world” I still mesmerizing,” says Maria.

The first item in the collection Zakharova became microscopic size straw hat with a flower. Maria bought her when I lived with my parents in Beijing. At first the owner refused to sell it, but future diplomat continued to insist. In the end he gave up and gave the souvenir to foreigners.

When Zakharova has grown and has started to travel around the world, she continued to chase after rare and unusual items in miniature sizes. It turned out that they can be purchased in different countries: in England – porcelain tub in Canada – the chair of a pincushion, and in Kaliningrad – amber irons. When significant, for Mary, things became so many that needed a place to store them, she decided to make a gift and ordered production house. It cost Zakharova 200 dollars, which she managed to save after working a guide for Chinese tourists.

Years later the woman continues to take care of the house, the good lives on the Falcon, next to their parents. Sometimes Zakharova adds to the collection during business trips. So, in 2001, the diplomat bought in Bangkok locker-a display of painted pottery, which cost $ 35.

“For an employee of the foreign Ministry it was a huge sum, almost all of my per diem. And daily we then cherished. But I could not pass up. View colleagues still remember,” shared the woman.

Not all friends Maria Zakharova shared her passion. Some of them put forward their version of why the diplomat collects miniature items. During the meeting with correspondents the woman explained your interest in collecting fine pieces.

“My Dollhouse is the ability to create your world. If I have a chance to increase everything a hundred times, if it was a huge mansion, I would have felt too bad not felt. I one person said, “You run away in your own little world.” Nothing of the sort! I think I proved with his life that is not afraid of big spaces. Just using creativity to improve life – their own hands,” said Zakharov.

In recognition of Mary’s childhood taught her to sew and paint. Mom Zakharova tried to instill in her a love for writing as a way to Express their vision of the world and find a way out of any crisis situations. So now the diplomat is not only a doll house, but also equips your entrance, according to the magazine Tatler.