Maria Zakharova denied the rumors about his addiction

Мария Захарова опровергла слухи о своей алкогольной зависимости The politician gave a Frank interview. Maria Zakharova denies the veracity of the information discrediting his dignity. She admitted that he is not offended by too much attention from the fans and media.

Maria Zakharova is rightly considered one of the most attractive women politicians in the world. The number of subscribers in Instagram regularly increases, and fans diplomat even create a special fan clubs dedicated to her. This reputation gives rise to numerous rumors, but the woman has long they are not offended.

In a recent interview, Maria decided to comment on his alleged alcohol addiction. According to the diplomat, such rumors especially spread in the Ukrainian media.

“People are talking, they are interested. And I discussed and discussed. Another thing is that it is not necessary to do out of decency, to hurt, to hurt. For example, I often read about themselves somehow in the Ukrainian media and online media stories. I don’t know where they got it from. They tell, for example, that Lavrov’s whole family lives in America. But this is completely nonsense. About me they say that I’m an alcoholic. It’s two stories, which they invented,” – said Zakharov.

The Director of the Department of information and press of the foreign Ministry stressed that never chased popularity. But her natural frankness and activity on social networks has done its job, and as a result Zakharova managed to break many of the stereotypes about politicians.

Sometimes popularity leads to Mary’s side. So some time ago in the network appeared the provocative images of the diplomat’s own wedding, which took place in the United States. According to Zakharova, a photographer specifically uploaded the footage to the fans to see her in an unexpected role.

“I found a number of the photographer, which a year ago merged photos from our family archive, called and asked him why he did it? We paid for the work, and therefore, the pictures are private property. He said the brilliant thing is that all I see official, on the background of some of the emblems, behind the podium, and he wanted to me and saw this. I said thanks, but next time, ask,” – said Zakharov.

Instagram, the diplomat also often appear in pictures that its members recognize too Frank. Zakharova herself not shy like that, and so happy to share them in your microblog.

Now the sphere of activities of Mary is not limited to diplomacy. So, in an interview with “World 24” Zakharov told about his fascination with poetry. The woman wrote two songs, and one of them is now included in the repertoire of Alexander Kogan. However, she has no intention to change the scope of activities, because her whole life is somehow connected with politics.

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