Maria Sittel predicted the birth of a girl

Марии Ситтель предсказали рождение девочки Currently the presenter of the fifth month of pregnancy. According to Mohsen, Noruzi, Maria Sittel and her husband have a daughter. The psychic convinced that mother of many children will cope with all the worries that accompany the first year of a child’s life.

      Марии Ситтель предсказали рождение девочки

      A month ago it became clear that friends, colleagues and admirers of Maria Sittel there was a significant occasion for her to rejoice and to congratulate her family – became aware of the fifth pregnancy of the stars of the ether. TV presenter preferred to hide this happy news, but pretty soon it was leaked to the press. Needless to say with what delight and surprise responded to this message those who have been following the life of Mary! This pregnancy was for Sittel fifth in a row, and all the difficulties that may accompany the birth of a new family member, it did not scare me. The media personality is customized to the last continue to be active and doing things you love. As practice shows, Maria with ease manages to combine the care of family and career. “StarHit” decided to find out what is waiting for Mary in the future, how you will proceed with her pregnancy and what the news presenter will delight the public after a while.

      The winner of the sixth season of “Battle of psychics” Mohsen, Noroozi told “StarHit” the fact that the spouse star is eagerly awaiting the birth of her daughter. Recall, a couple with three boys and one girl. According to the psychic, Sittel will continue to successfully combine parenting and active work on television.

      “A fifth child Maria will take it easy, health status and psycho-emotional background of an ideal – told, Noruzi. – Probability of a birth in the family of the girl is great as well as the expectations of the father. Maria will easily cope with a baby in the most difficult first year of life.”

      Leading news long been recognized as highly motivated im a passionate person. According to the predictions of an experienced psychic, this approach to work Mary was not taken aback and after the birth of the fifth child – Sittel waiting for new projects, in which she once again plunge headlong.

      “In the beginning of 2017 Mary will invite in an interesting TV program, I also see the rating of the show program with the permanent participation of Maria and her children in the profile of the “psychology education and health,” predicted Mohsen. – The marriage of Maria Sittel and Alexander Tereshchenko can be called harmonious and happy. Their compatibility according to the stars, a very good and successful. However, I foresee a crisis in relations in the spring of next year, to overcome which does not suggest urgency and finality, and deference and patience”.

      Also the winner of the sixth season of “Battle of psychics” I am convinced that in the future Maria will not get any serious shocks. According to Noruzi, Sittel has always known how bravely to cope with difficulties, and it manages to keep this quality.

      “No wonder the name Maria Sittel – the symbol of the bestowal of femininity, wisdom, motherhood, charm and kindness. Our earthly Mary knows how to deal with the family, without depriving anyone of note, with work and Hobbies, – said the clairvoyant. – She is the happy owner of a fiery but righteous energy, creative and inspiring others with good. Maria Sittel and the stars accompanying her on the way, is the person happy, strong and powerful, which can do everything what she wants. She never threatens loneliness and depression. Over the years, she will become closer to nature, I see the period of time from 2 to 3.5 years old when she desires to live in South-East Asia. Temporary relocation will not harm either her or the family.”

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