Maria Shushkina surprised by the image of the fatal temptress

Мария Шушкина удивила образом роковой соблазнительницы The actress published a provocative photo. Subscribers are not stingy with compliments. Maria Shukshina only recently signed up for the popular social network and now constantly in touch with his fans.

      Famous actress Maria Shukshina has only recently appeared in Instagram. Fans were happy to see your favorite artist in a popular social network. Now she can freely communicate with your followers through your account, and delight them with its images. Each frame of the actress makes the fans talk about, but one of the photos was a real resonance. Maria did not hesitate to appear before the users of the Network in a rather provocative manner. The actress was wearing black underwear, and on top of thrown silk robe. However, as it turned out, this erotic appearance it owes roles in the film.

      “Soon “Christmas Tree-5″. New role, new way,” – wrote the actress in the microblog.

      Fans were delighted with such a candid photo of the beloved actress. They literally filled Mary with compliments. Members noted the gorgeous figure of the actress and admitted that she looks stunning.

      “You are a real Russian beauty”, “Beauty! I admire you! Big umnichka!”, “One of my favorite photos. You are the best” – did not hide their delight fans Shukshina.

      Many members admired the fact that Mary keeps himself in shape, despite the fact that two years ago I first became a grandmother. In late November, her daughter Anna gave birth to a son. For the boy chose the name Vyacheslav. Shukshin also has three sons – 18-year-old Makar from his second marriage, and 11-year-old twins Thomas and Fok, who was born on third husband of the actress.

      For a long time due to family conflict Boris Vishnyakov could not see his heirs. After leaving the twins still live with mom. However, after a time, the actress was allowed to see boys of their father.

      “I’ve been told Boris that in children because of their conflict, a lot of emotional trauma. After all, they will build their family on the example of their parents! – told “StarHit” the lawyer Inga, Chervonenko. And Boris finally relented. Together with the tutorship, he gathered evidence that he was not allowed to see his sons, but in the end the court did not go. And in the summer allowed Mary to go with children abroad – at sea… She saw that for the children he is ready to deal and meet halfway”.