Мария Шурочкина похвасталась новым автомобилем Olympic champion received the gift of a BMW X6. Owners of cars of steel and other athletes, brought into the Treasury of the country a gold medal at the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro. Maria Shurochkina in awe of such awards.

      Thursday, August 25, the Kremlin has awarded the Russian Olympic team that defended the honor of the country and valiantly fought rivals at the Games in Rio de Janeiro. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin noted that the Russian athletes showed real skill, patience and the will at the most prestigious world competitions. All 107 people, won awards in Brazil, became the owners of BMW. Owners of gold medals received a BMW X6 worth over four million roubles. Silver medalists will go on the model X4, and athletes, who took third place, was awarded the BMW X3.

      Nyusha’s sister met with Vladimir Putin

      New driver one of the BMW X6 was Nyusha’s sister, Maria Shurochkina. The girl won gold, speaking in the team competition in synchronized swimming. The whole family is proud of the success the 21-year-old girl. Maria got his car on the territory of the Kremlin. Its a white car yet and room hangs a plaque with her name and surname. Synchronised swimmer has shown his gift, laying the photo on the background of the Spasskaya tower. The girl glowing with happiness.

      “Just a car BMW X6! My. Shurochkina Maria. Just yesterday I opened all the Windows and shouted like a madman, reeling the same circles in Moscow. Such gifts I have not yet received for his work. Thank you. It’s really cool! Four wheels made me even more emotional and happier,” shared with subscribers of his “Instagrama” athlete.

      Shurochkina fans congrats with the new car. “You deserve it! Super!”, “Congratulations! The machine is very good!”, “It’s incredibly nice and happy!”, “Cool car! Maria you are very beautiful, sweet and talented girl! Hug me!”, – your left under the post Maria followers.

      By the way, this morning Shurochkina appeared on air of radio station “Europa Plus” and gave the listeners a real energy boost. Mom sportswoman Oksana was accompanied by daughter at this exciting moment. The woman showed in his microblog as her heir spoke with a leading morning show and even gave one of the employees essential show to hold my gold medal. After that she taught the entire team of the radio station, to dive in the style of Russian synchronized swimmers.

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