Мария Шумакова провела вечер с аргентинским болельщиком
The behavior of the actress made the fans a lot of questions.

Maria Shumakova

Maria Shumakova did not know that her
revelation with fans will cause them to have such indignation. But the actress
just asked personal microblog followers whether she should go to
a date with Argentinian football fan.

“Before departure, Moscow was on a date with
Argentine Paolo, in fact, followed your advice. The date went
nice, a good guy with a good sense of humor. Never fall in love in
foreigners, so the date is pretty quickly translated into a very friendly
manners, says the star of “the Sweet life”. But what surprised me. More
after the post where I asked me to go on a date with Argentina or not, fell
a ton of angry messages from the Russian lads, say what I am not Patriotic! After
I learned that the radical society for men in Moscow, women
poured green paint over a romantic communication with foreigners.

I always say that
in any romantic matters, one should start solely from their
desires: be it a question about sexual preference or affair with foreign
handsome. And now attention a question: favorite Russian man! What is it with you
so? If girls are choosing not in favor of you, maybe it says something and
we should think about? Maybe you should be more attentive to Russian ladies
and appreciate us more than before? In General, since the childhood feel, despite the
a deep love for their country, tied to the whole world at once, and therefore
to share love, life at a “regional” basis as a matter of narrow consciousness.”