Maria Shumakova ruined the housing problem

Марию Шумакову испортил квартирный вопрос
The popular actress shared her unusual story.

Maria Shumakova

Photo: Facebook

The star of the series “Sweet life” Maria Shumakova
which is a little less than a year ago rented a lovely apartment on the Net
ponds, became the heroine of the story resembling the adventures of Bulgakov’s heroes
The Patriarchal.

“The prize “Woman disaster”
goes to… (drum roll) me! — said Maria. Will start from afar. I rented a wonderful apartment on the
‘ve been clean for eight months. It is everything: the location, the house and the hostess,
in fact, apartments. But there is one BUT! The front door slams shut
self. That is slammed in the hearts of the door from the back side and everything in the house
not get if there is no keys. So, for this relative period of residence in
wonderful apartment, I have stayed about ten times with
slammed the door and forgotten keys. Each time, rejoicing in the shower, I went to
wonderful landlady Anna, took her keys and still got home.

after returning from Riga vacation, staying in the serene absent-mindedness, I repeated
favorite scheme. Forgot the keys, slammed the door, went to Anna, took
the keys hit home.
And now, just before leaving the house, I took
a new handbag Pinko. All neatly folded back: headphones, money,
the keys of course… Took the trash bags, ran out of the apartment, cheerfully
he slammed the door and understood. Handbag with all the trimmings, including keys
remained inside. I’m outside with bags of trash. All anything, but any duplicate keys
also left in there, including a bunch of Housewives. Attention! Question to the experts. Who faced with similar?
Send the numbers of those who can open it? Inside there is a lease. The landlady in
out of town, and all asking for either her presence or the police. With the latest today
I do not want to face”…