Maria Shumakova meet men on the Internet

Мария Шумакова знакомится с мужчинами в интернете
Fans are watching with interest the personal life of the actress Maria Shumakova, which was loved by the audience after the filming of the series “Sweet life”.

Мария Шумакова знакомится с мужчинами в интернете

Often subscribers ask the question the actress about where it can be found. Recently, Mary made an unexpected confession, she told me that enjoys the Dating app Tinder.

“There was a huge number of questions on the subject of Dating on the Internet: is it possible favorable acquaintance? Whether I use the app for Dating? Why Tinder and not a lot of other analogues? Answer. In his free time, relations with great pleasure I put likes handsome guys in Tinder. This, incidentally, is not advertising.

Мария Шумакова знакомится с мужчинами в интернете

In my opinion the app is wildly comfortable and devoid of the masses do not need registrations, etc. etc., I call this fun “shop on a sofa”. Communicate honestly rarely, most often, the dialogues are quite repetitive and soon becomes boring. 5 times in Russia, I even went on dates.
The result: two of the guys for several years, as my wonderful friends. Spark did not happen, but the guys is gorgeous. Another young man was handsome, like a God, and a good heart, but unfortunately a solid age difference, we were stopped.

The other two visits were pleasant, but fairly neutral. I have a vague idea as your partner’s person from the world of cinema and showbiz (though there are exceptions), I don’t like to hang out, and if they hang out, just love to dance and play the fool, on the street and in cafes are not acquainted, and therefore an informed choice of a potential partner in Tinder think is more than reasonable.

The story of maniacs believe old wives ‘ tales. The maniac could be anyone taxi Driver, and meet a young man, of course, necessary in a public place. There are plenty of biases that are introduced this way only losers. Usually as the Soviet school, about 40+! This, of course, nonsense. The acquaintance through the Internet simplifies the process and a great number of my friends the nicest men there is in Tinder” – said Maria.

Recall that recently Shumakova shared the story of meeting with Argentinian Paolo.

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