Мария Шумакова: «Меня спасла пища монахов»
The star of the series “Sweet life” shared his beauty secrets.

Maria Shumakova

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

The experiment, which was drawn, the actress, was risky. For the role in the TV series “Sweet life” she had to very quickly gain 15 pounds. “A couple of weeks before we started shooting I started to eat everything fried, fat, flour — dumplings, pasta, burgers… fast food restaurants Could drink Coca-Cola… With my tendency to be overweight for me to get better was easy”. Played the actress very convincing. But health really started having problems. The abundance of junk food has affected the liver. Besides, to live with the extra weight was uncomfortable. Maria knew it was time to urgently to lose weight. Fortunately, the plot no longer required that she remained plump. Her character fell in love and could lose weight!

In between filming the two seasons, the actress went to Thailand and upon returning home, I developed a program for rapid weight loss. The first thing she took up yoga. “I liked Bikram yoga. Classes are held in a heated 40 degree room. In such a situation are well drawn muscle, lose a lot of fluid and weight goes. Secondly, the actress began to drink three liters of water a day. And thirdly, resolutely refusing high-calorie food, she went to the so-called food of the monks. “This means that the diet included lots of vegetables and buckwheat. By itself, the buckwheat for me, very boring product. So I started it with something to dilute: mushrooms, cheese, vegetables, cedar or pumpkin butter.” In just three months she managed to lose 15 kilograms. As a result, the actress came to the conclusion that next time, if she for the role to gain or lose weight, it will definitely appeal to the nutritionist. Just to regain health without the extreme.

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