Maria Shumakova explained why she gave up meat

Мария Шумакова объяснила, почему она отказалась от мяса
The actress talks about the advantages of vegetarianism.

Mary Shumakova

Photo: Instagram

The star of the series “Sweet life” Mary Shumakova
which is always very carefully treated to their health, talked about
why she gave up meat.

“Around now so much discussion on the topic
of vegetarianism! Tell your story. Meat from childhood I regarded with
suspicion. Every time had to have felt a sense of anxiety. In
adulthood became a vegetarian is easy and I prefer to see animals
walked lively and beautiful.

I am convinced that some people are suited to eat meat.
But this leads to pretty serious zaslujivaet. I spoke about it with
doctors at the clinic fasting, which is like a picture I see daily.

Exactly, the importance of protein for adult
greatly exaggerated. We have grown up, and all we have built.
Vegetable protein perfectly fills all the gaps. I know a great
the number of vegetarians that sway and look, I tell you, that’s great.

And of course, leather. Especially if you eliminate dairy
products, which by and large is absolutely meaningless for a person older than
7 years. The face shines from the inside.

Oh, and for those engaged in spiritual growth.
Vegetarianism is a completely different vibration. You become easy and
obedient to the stream.

Leo Tolstoy and his family was also
vegetarians. When another guest expressed his “Phi” on
the lack of meat on the table, Tolstoy proposed to the lady to go to the yard and kill the chicken

So, my dear, if you feel conviction
himself a predator, and believe that eating meat is extremely natural for you, try
to kill your dinner. Will there be enough courage?”