Мария Шумакова объяснила свое нежелание выходить замуж
The star of the series “Sweet life” Maria Shumakova trying to be as honest with my subscribers.

Мария Шумакова объяснила свое нежелание выходить замуж

Fans are wondering why 30-year-old actress is still not married. Maria decided to answer them and explained why in no hurry down the aisle.

“Here I am, a nice young lady in the comments said, they say 30 years, and my husband is not! In the days of our parents if the girl was 27, for example, a narrowed and crying children was not expected, her grief and condemnation from the most high this world: neighbors, colleagues and of course, mother! Now women are actively engaged in the business, earn millions and someone even aiming for the presidency! My friend from school, a marvelous example of modern young ladies was opened in Novosibirsk, the best beauty salon.

Мария Шумакова объяснила свое нежелание выходить замуж

My second friend from high school leads to noise in urban life: emboss honest way, presidential grants for social needs, manages the volunteer detachment “Dobrostan” and indeed, changing the world for the better!

Gone are the days when the only task of women was to bake a pie and stroke my husband’s socks. Their Pat? What are your priorities? What do you want a successful career or a lot Ex? And who manages to combine?”, – wrote Shumakova.

While Mary admits that she wants to become a mother, but for now just wants to live in his pleasure.

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