Мария Шумакова набросилась на тренера с кулаками
The actress confessed to him that hates sports.

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

Discovering fasting at the clinic, Maria
the last time I lost seven pounds and decided to keep this result.
The actress not only worked out for myself particular diet, but returned to
Bikram yoga, which he gladly did. But that’s not all.
Maria opened a new sport.

Here’s what she wrote about him in the social network: “I sent my mortal body to the box.
Wanted additional vitality and activity. Judging by the reviews and promises
coach Arthur, will soon get relief and fearlessness. Training
beginning with the recognition: “I hate sports”. And since childhood. I like
swim, I love to dance, ride a bike, but heedlessly something
to download or worse, to lift weights — absolutely not my thing. Need to play something
interesting, inspiring. Here is the box exactly as it should. Incredibly fun
to run in gloves and hitting a brutal coach.”

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