Maria Shumakova adopted the experience of American filmmakers

Мария Шумакова переняла опыт американских кинематографистов
The actress spoke about the interesting business meeting.

Maria Shumakova

Photo: personal archive of the actress

The star of the series “Sweet life” Maria Shumakova
moving by leaps and bounds along the path of their professional development.
The actress spoke about the unique encounter that happened to her in the States and
changed the idea about your favorite business.

“I had a wonderful experience with young
the American filmmakers. Perhaps most importantly, what they have is
to learn: professionalism and self-confidence, — said Masha. — Faith in your
power, sometimes the only thing we need. How often do we doubt, hesitate
itself, and meanwhile miss a big fish. There are, of course, a reverse side
inherent in our mentality: the insolence and arrogance. “Perhaps a ride!” — pretty
common history. And this feature of the Russian soul is killing me still

However, the adoption of their talents and callings
important thing. And you just need to let to show his talent. As
often the fears, the complexes, and imposed programs are interfering with out really “Me”.

And of course, in this matter a not unimportant role plays
environment. The last five years, I make it a rule: if a person doubts at
me and my talent, is what makes life lock-software-with this
man I have a different way.

Value yourself, identify your talents and be
honest to their desires. And public opinion, advice wise
experience and other lovers of wisdom — in the furnace. Life is extremely unpredictable
and could end at any moment. If you do, now. The future is not
there is, guys.”