Maria Shukshina will lead a new talk show

Мария Шукшина будет вести новое ток-шоу
Several years ago a well-known actress and TV presenter Maria Shukshina gone from TV, where for fifteen years he led the transfer of “Wait for me”.

Мария Шукшина будет вести новое ток-шоу

The celebrity fans, saying unexpected news. Maria admitted that in a short time returns to television.

Мария Шукшина будет вести новое ток-шоу

“One of my podeschi had a dream about it which I immediately wrote. It’s like she’s watching me on TV. Some transmission, and it I sitting at a table surrounded by friends and we give each other gifts… And the other our podistica on the same day wrote: “it is a Pity that you don’t have a transmission on TV, the rating would be huge, higher than other programs”. That day was a lot like talking about the gear and regret… And on the same day the decision was made to create a new program! That’s what it is? What kind of invisible link?! Can me someone explain?? I’m in shock!..” – said the presenter.

While other details are unknown, but the fans are sincerely happy for the star.

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