Maria Shukshina suffer because of the restrictions of their own children

Мария Шукшина страдает из-за запретов собственных детей The actress admitted that her family incredibly jealous. Maria Shukshina discusses with the children, and they can reject a particular project, if the mom-to-be with someone to kiss in the frame.
Мария Шукшина страдает из-за запретов собственных детей

Maria Shukshina has four children and does not tire of talking about how much loves sons and a daughter. However, the star often faced with restrictions due to jealous family members.

In the program “to visit In the morning”, which is the leading Shukshin, she told me that the sons of very critical approach to the selection of roles for moms. They try to pre-read scripts and Express my opinion on the matter.

“She’s usually very jealous about any novels, even speech can not go. Even when I offer new scenarios, the sons asking if there are scenes with kisses. If there is, I still say no. They suspiciously look at me and say that if such scenes are still there and I hide them, then they will not talk to me,” said Shukshin.

According to Mary, her sons often dictate certain rules of behavior mother. Younger children artist this year reaches 13 years of age, and, apparently, they already started to have problems adolescence. She however did not concerned about the limitations that it has because of relatives. She loves children, but tries not to advertise their feelings. She rarely puts a joint family pictures…

Heroes of the program “to visit In the morning” today steel Veniamin and Alika Smekhova. They were surprised at how strict were the sons Shukshina.

“Are they so strict? But my sons, on the contrary, I Dating send. All the time require that a mother somewhere was gone, vanished. Wait, when I begin love story, and I still can not meet”, – said Alik.

Maria, in turn, did not tell free her heart at the moment. However, if Mary is the lover, it certainly was not easy to find a common language with the demanding sons of the stars.

Despite the fact that she sometimes quarrels with his sons because of the new roles, it still remains one of the most popular Actresses of Russian show business. It plays not only in Russian but also in Western movies. While Mary has been successfully building a career presenter, managing to work on several projects.