Maria Shukshina showed grandson

Мария Шукшина показала внука
The heir of the famous cinematic dynasty has 2 years old.

Maria Shukshina with her grandson Vyacheslav

Photo: facebook

The birthday of the grandson of Maria Shukshina Vyacheslav
celebrated in a Moscow restaurant with family and close friends
family. The actress shared a photo of the heir, which was signed: “We are 2 years old! Day
the birth of my beloved and only grandson!”

Recall that the heir Mary gave her
daughter Anna and son-in-law Constantine, who fell in love and the mother-in-law, and head of the family
Lidiya Nikolaevna Fedoseeva-Shukshina, and the younger brothers of the wife of Makar
Thomas FokI and became a real friend. Mary called one of the most beautiful and
the young stellar grandmothers, and she is proud of his status. Also Vyacheslav
became the first shared the great-grandson of Lydia Nikolaevna Vasily Makarovich Shukshina.

Fans of Mary was delighted with the baby and
immediately joined in the congratulations, and also made a lot of compliments and the actress: “Urgently in a beauty contest among grandmothers!”, “Health and happiness to your
grandson! And you, Masha, more like his mommy! How nice to look at
your family, God bless you!”, “Masha with his grandson as the Madonna and child! Good
young and very happy!”. Maria was very touched and warm all
thanks: “Thank you for your bright and best wishes!”