Мария Шукшина обнародовала результаты ДНК-теста внука More than six months the whole country is watching the story of the son of the actress Makar Kasatkina. Ex-girlfriend of the guy Freya silber stated that had a child from him. The young man refused to acknowledge paternity.
Мария Шукшина обнародовала результаты ДНК-теста внука

Freya silber, the former lover of the son of Mary Shukshina – Makar Kasatkina, in April, gave birth to a boy. The young mother demanded that the famous dynasty acknowledged her baby and has helped financially. The artist decided to conduct a DNA test.

“That’s finally all cleared up. For all friends, enemies, and just curious: we have just received the results of genetic examination (DNA), held in a Federal institution of medical. We do not like to be unfounded and redundant, we were waiting for the facts. The result showed that our child. And we are very happy ! Alimony Macarena in the manner prescribed by law will be paid regularly. Moreover, we would want a child brought up in our family, but it is only in the case that the mother of the child she will give us it. In our country all the rights on the mother’s side,” said Maria.
Мария Шукшина обнародовала результаты ДНК-теста внука

The name of Freyja silber thundered all over the country last autumn. She repeatedly stated on the talk show that goes with the child from son of Maria Shukshina, Makar Kasatkina. According to her, they lived together for several months, then their relationship soured, according to silber, the guy started to beat her, was engaged in selling prohibited drugs, on atajo reason they broke up. Makar, all those months is silent.

In April, Freya gave birth to a boy Brand-Adam. The young mother demanded that Maria Makar recognized her child and helped financially. She went to meet ex-daughter-in-law and conducted a DNA test.

She was previously told fans that refuses to help the child Zilber, even if the baby is not from Makar. The actress wanted as quickly as possible to conduct a DNA test.

“Oh, how could I not want to use their personal and a single page to refer to Freya, but the other way, apparently not. Freya, if you really want to resolve your concerns, please do not ignore calls from the attorney representing my son, Makar. For the past week, you and your attorney can’t or don’t want to contact him, unable or unwilling to give their consent and to choose the place and time of carrying out genetic studies, of DNA. Lawyer Makara offered you a choice of five as state, Federal, and commercial health licensed organizations that conduct relevant research and expertise” – said Maria.