Maria Shukshina on the alleged grandson: “Let not our child, still support him”

Мария Шукшина о предполагаемом внуке: «Пусть ребенок не наш, все равно его поддержу» TV presenter decided to openly tell the fans about the future plans. The actress wants to do a DNA test to find out: the son of Freya Zilber her grandson or not? Mary mentioned that will help a young mother with a child regardless of the outcome.
Мария Шукшина о предполагаемом внуке: «Пусть ребенок не наш, все равно его поддержу»

In September last year, the name of Freyja silber learned the whole country. A pregnant young woman contacted law enforcement, saying that the son of Maria Shukshina – Makar Kasatkin – beat her. Despite the fact that she was pregnant from him.

In April Zilber gave birth to a son Mark. She says that the baby from Makar. In the conflict of young people intervened the public. Mother Maria Kasatkina Shushkina decided to turn to the ex-daughter-in-law.

Мария Шукшина о предполагаемом внуке: «Пусть ребенок не наш, все равно его поддержу»“Oh, how could I not want to use their personal and a single page to refer to Freya, but the other way, apparently not. Freya, if you really want to resolve your concerns, please do not ignore calls from the attorney representing my son, Makar. For the past week, you and your attorney can’t or don’t want to contact him, unable or unwilling to give their consent and to choose the place and time of carrying out genetic studies, of DNA. Lawyer Makara offered you a choice of five as state, Federal, and commercial health licensed organizations that conduct relevant research and expertise,” shared the actress on Instagram.

She insists that the silber and her lawyer got in touch with a lawyer of their family. According to the actress, she is interested in a DNA test and refuses to help prospective grandson.

“And I want to tell you that not only I, but many of the people I write here, very interested in the fact that as soon as possible ended this “series”, – said Maria.

Previously, Maria V. in a telephone conversation with Zilber told her that no cameras ready to meet her. The young mother agreed with the actress. It is ready to conduct the examination without the presence of TV crews.

“I have no desire to do something. Be without cameras DNA. Will the child support I’ll shut up. I want the situation resolved. All goes to the finals, you know that Maria does not need the camera. But no programs I wouldn’t have made it,” said silber was on a talk show. Maria Shukshina decided on a DNA test for an alleged grandson