Мария Шукшина бросила друзей на острове с медведем The actress was duped by three adult men. The celebrity was the evil plan against friends, and she even drew a conspirator. Friend of the actress shared with “StarHit” the story that Mary herself she never told anyone.
Мария Шукшина бросила друзей на острове с медведем

In his spare time, the current Russian stars are used to light large. To lighten the mood, celebrities buy expensive cars, go abroad for vacation or organize a noisy party. At the end of the 90s, the ways of entertainment were much more modest. Maria Shukshina always knew how to amuse friends without having to cost more.

Today, may 27, the heir to a famous dynasty 50 years of age. In honor of the anniversary of the actress will definitely lay a festive table and offers not only refreshments, but also a great sense of humor. On the eve of the anniversary of Mary’s colleague Andrey Fedortsov has shared with “StarHit” such a case:

“Shukshina familiar with 1998. Once we put together on the film “Circus burned, and clowns ran” in the Leningrad region, Vyborg. Scored a small team – three men and Masha. After the shift we guys got to talking, saying that cool to live on a desert island. There were a few pieces, all with picturesque nature you want. Mary had heard our conversation, said, “great idea!” Loving quipped Shukshin: “there’s not going to last. You comfort give, and around, after all, a wild forest.” Masha said, “look Who’s talking! First you gets all on the house!”

We men looked at each other. While Masha was looking for something in his bag, quietly began to whisper. “Shukshin let’s play! Leave her alone on the island to spend the night” – I suggested. Friends smiled, the idea they liked.
Мария Шукшина бросила друзей на острове с медведем

The next day we inflated the boat and under the pretext of “barbecue” went four in swimming. Arrived quickly – within 20 minutes. On the banks unloaded the bags, skewers and fishing rods. While I was busy with the Luggage, Mary suddenly shouted: “Look, there’s bear tracks, what large paws. One hundred percent give, that beast is huge!” – “What makes you think that?” – we were surprised. – “In my childhood I read a lot about bears. Here and learned. I think they’re on this island is inhabited,” she grinned. We cautiously began to break near the water camp. Lit a fire. Masha lay down to sunbathe in the sun, and the men in the company went to fish. Half an hour later noticed that Mary’s been really quiet. Back to the fire, it is not, and our boat is deflated. The guys and I began to look for Shukshin.

“Masha, not funny! Come out!” – we shouted. No one spoke. Scared, the three of us ran around the island, looking behind every Bush. “What if it dragged the bear” – no joke I said. Comrades remained silent. But the head still climbed thoughts about wild animals: “Do Shukshina right?” In the end, bedraggled in the mud and clawed hands, spines hips. Called Masha in all throat, silence. “Let’s go diving! Suddenly she went swimming and drowned?!” – I suggested.
Мария Шукшина бросила друзей на острове с медведем

Returned back to shore. Tossed a few branches into the fire for warmth and took turns diving to the bottom. Incessantly called her on the mobile but it was switched off. Tried to contact the operators of crew – suddenly she miraculously showed up with them. No Mary is not seen. Also explained the situation that we get back, I requested that we took from the island.

“So us single guys! There is no other!” – received the answer. Dirty and tired, sat by the fire… half an hour later Suddenly on the horizon a boat. And it flashed a familiar silhouette. The eyes have not believed – Mashka! The ship was moored to the shore, she had left him and, smiling, said: “Well, you bastards? Who are you wanted on the island one to leave?” We pootkryvali mouths, I really can not do anything. Only hesitantly muttered, “Yes, no!” – “Don’t lie to me!” – protested Mary. “How did you know?” guiltily, I asked. Here we Shukshin gave.

It turns out, our conversation was overheard by the girl who rented out the boat. She told her about the insidious plan. In General, mA told her to play with us. As soon as we arrived and went fishing, she waved with a bright sweater for a nearby Bank, where she was expecting a delay. She came to her and took to the nearest island. There they watched us from the hunting Lodge through binoculars, sipping tea. “Well, Masha, well, tricky! Just don’t get: where are the bears?” – I asked. – “You mean the traces? So I’m the one in the sand drawn. While you were busy with their fishing rods and a barbecue, quickly portrayed something similar from memory. And you believe! No, here they were in sight, high Fox,” she laughed loudly. This turn we didn’t expect. Three adult men circled around her finger. Still laughing and clutching his head.”

Мария Шукшина бросила друзей на острове с медведем