Maria Shukshina is back on TV

Мария Шукшина возвращается на ТВ
The actress was invited to take part in the new project.

Photo: Instagram

15 years gave Maria Shukshina television. From 1999 to 2014 she was leading the most soulful show on the First channel “Wait for me”. Left only after the user produces the transfer of the company team changed. But since then, despite numerous movie roles and a busy home life (how else with four children and a grandson?!), desperately missed the filming. As it turned out, fans of Mary also missed it on the TV screen.

“One of my podeschi had a dream, she immediately wrote, as if watching it on TV some transmission, and it I sitting at a table surrounded by friends and we give each other gifts… — said Shukshin. — And the other girl on the same day wrote: “it is a Pity that you don’t have a transmission on TV, the rating would be huge, bigger than many gears”! And like talking about gear and regret that nothing lead, there were many that day. And on the same day the decision was made to create a new program! That’s what it is? What kind of invisible link?! And don’t even attempt, nothing more than had time to tell still can not say!”

The only thing known today that the show with the participation of Maria Shukshina will be entertaining and will be released on one of the Central channels at the beginning of next year. So long left fans to wait for the return of Mary to the screens.