Maria Shukshina in the Wake of the scandal got the job on the First channel

Мария Шукшина на волне скандала получила работу на Первом канале
The presenter will reveal their “recipes of happiness”.

Maria Shukshina


Maria Shukshina has officially confirmed the information about the return to the First channel. The actress will lead a new show called “Recipes for happiness”. It is reported that in the program with Shukshina will be released in January next year. Maria told about an interesting fact associated with obtaining a new position. One of the fans of the actress predicted the return Shukshina on the First channel.

“That, honestly, all have such friends-subscribers, as we have here! Move mountains you can! A month ago I was told that one of our podyschite had a dream that I am leading a program on TV. The next morning I learned that, indeed, decided that I’m going to transmit on the First channel. The details are not wrote, because I wanted to be sure everything is so vague in our world… Further more, her dream another dream that will premiere or series, or program that have 2 words in its name, but not the “Silver forest”. Of course, I jumped because it knew the working title — “Recipes of Happiness”…” Maria said.

Meanwhile, on channel Russia-1 one after the other come the issues of “live”, dedicated to the scandal in the family Shukshina. Some Freya Zilber States that is under the heart of Mary’s grandson. The son of the artist, which is the alleged father of the child — Makar Kasatkin, according to a former girlfriend, first beat her and then left. She asks family Shukshina to support in a difficult situation. Mary speaks about the son’s behavior is ambiguous. “I’m in shock from it all. But now there is a check in the police. Once the results are known I will call. Prior to the announcement of the results, it is all speculation (to put it mildly),” said Maria.