Maria Shukshina has announced a triumphant return on TV

Мария Шукшина объявила о триумфальном возвращении на ТВ As it turned out, the actress received a new assignment. This was preceded by a series of strange events. According to Maria Shukshina, her fans as though anticipated the start of the project. What program will conduct star, is still unknown.
Мария Шукшина объявила о триумфальном возвращении на ТВ

For several years, Maria Shukshina not working on TV. From 1999 to 2014 the celebrity can be seen in the program “Wait for me”. Over this long period of time, the stars have an army of fans who were looking forward to when she will be back on the screens.

Recently she answered fans ‘ questions. The woman reported that he had received a new assignment. According to Mary, she will begin work on a television project.

“One of my podeschi had a dream about it which I immediately wrote. It’s like she’s watching me on TV. Some transmission, and it I sitting at a table surrounded by friends and we give each other gifts… And the other our podistica on the same day wrote: “it is a Pity that you don’t have a transmission on TV, the rating would be huge, higher than other programs”. That day was a lot like talking about the gear and regret… And on the same day the decision was made to create a new program! That’s what it is? What kind of invisible link?! Can me someone explain?? I’m in shock!..” – said Shukshin.

Other details the artist chose not to share. “And not even attempt anything more than time to tell, while I can’t say…” said Maria.

Fans Shukshina congratulated her on the new job. “You are very beautiful. Wish you all the best”, “my Eyes are burning, and the whole image radiates good light! God forbid, Mashenka to work”, “Play cool, absolutely real, true and beautiful”, “Is the embodiment of inner desires”, “finally. We will wait”, “Great news! The program will find your audience”, “Dreams come true, miracles happen, doors open! To each according to his faith”, “Thank you for being there”, “I am Sure that you have to turn to taffy,” was discussed by users of social networks.

Care of Maria Shukshina of “Wait for me” provoked at the time, heated debate on the Network. The star made no secret that her hard work in this emotional transmission. Usually the actress took a day off the next day after the shooting. With experience, Mary learned to conserve your energy and correctly to distribute them. In turn, the mother of celebrity Lydia Fedoseyev-Shukshin said that now her daughter will spend more time with the family.

The Mary’s place was taken by the actress Ksenia Alferova. She led the program in tandem with Kalininym. In the new television season the program was moved to NTV. Persons of the project were Julia Vysotsky, Sergey Shakurov and founder of rescue organization “Lisa Alert” Grigory Sergeyev. Julia spoke about the difficulties of working in the “Wait for me”