Maria Shukshina do with education of the grandson

Мария Шукшина занялась воспитанием внука Returning from London, the actress instills heir manners. Mother of many children Maria Shukshina great with a young son of his daughter. Two-year-old Vyacheslav enjoys spending time with his stellar grandmother.

Famous actress and TV presenter Maria Shukshin – mother of four children, her three sons and daughter, who in November 2014 made a star grandmother.

Despite his busy schedule and tight shooting schedule, Maria Shukshina always finds time for family. The actress loves the little grandson of Vyacheslav and happily stays with him. Maria Shukshina in the microblogging published a short video in which she appears as a caring grandmother, a two-year Vyacheslav instilling good manners. The record made in the kitchen. The actress is engaged in household chores is probably preparing something. Near her is a grandchild. At some point the kid asks grandma to brush his Apple. Maria Shukshina immediately responds, quickly cleans the skin of the fruit, and hands it to his grandson.

“Here!” says her Vyacheslav. “Not “to” and “thank you” teaches Maria’s grandson. “Thank you”, funny repeats the boy’s grandmother. “Thank you for? – asks the grandson Shukshin. Sounds not very”.

Fans of Maria Shukshina was impressed by a good family video. According to them, it looks like real happiness. “I look at this miracle, and my heart lighter, and I think – here it is happiness! Thank you, Masha, for this video! God forbid you”, “Good boy! Most importantly – let the growing healthy and happy all the family!”, “Dear Slavushka nice. What a Charmer-razvlekukha”, “Quiet family joy, that of them and there is happiness!”, “Honey! Mischievous like this. Your breed baby! You are just like us! Happiness to you and your family! Love you,” kindly said members of Maria Shukshina.

Some even drew attention to how freely and naturally behaving kid in front of the camera. They suggested that the impact of the actor’s genes. “Yes, he used to have. Not know, fortunately or unfortunately, but it is other children, another generation…” – said followers actress.

We will remind that Maria Shukshina recently reunited with your loved ones. For several months the artist spent away from family. Maria Shukshina told of a life of luxury in London

All this time the star lived in London, which hosted the filming company Bi-bi-si. Maria Shukshin has played a role in the serial film.