Maria Shukshina became ground zero for the riots in London

Мария Шукшина попала в эпицентр беспорядков в Лондоне The actress witnessed the protests and the terrorist attack in the UK capital. Maria Shukshina told that due to these events she had a communication problem. The actress is thrilled that she has the opportunity to observe the active social life of England.

      Maria Shukshina is one of the most popular Actresses of the Russian cinema. Not so long ago popular in our country, the artist was invited to play abroad. In January, Maria Shukshina moved to London to take part in the filming of the series the company’s Bi-bi-si. Creative trip of the actress, according to her, will last until April.

      The filmmakers have provided the Russian star luxurious in the UK. Maria Shukshina lives in an expensive hotel in the heart of London, close to Buckingham Palace.

      However, the excellent location of the hotel has a downside. In the center of the British capital periodically held mass rallies witnessed becomes Maria Shukshina. So yesterday, right under the balcony of the actress hosted a demonstration of British citizens who do not want to get out of the EU. The actress managed to shoot the procession on video and share it with your followers.

      “Under my balcony is next March! This time the Pro-European protest. Again I was awakened on my day off. And each time I involuntarily become an active participant in the London events. The goal of the marchers to Express their position about a British exit from the EU and to emphasize the benefits of membership in the EU. Never thought I’d be in the epicenter of public life, especially in London!” – shared Maria Shukshina.

      The actress also added that due to the rally and the recent terrorist attack in the British capital, when a car drove into a crowd of people had problems with the connection. “All day fly helicopters and jammed communications. Wi fi works barely. The clock can’t send a text message,” explained Maria Shukshina, why it doesn’t always come out promptly on the bond.

      By the way, just a week ago under the balcony of the actress was also busy. The inhabitants of the British capital on 19 March celebrated St. Patrick’s Day noisy festive procession through the streets of Piccadilly, where the hotel is located Shukshina. However, despite all these inconveniences, the star admits that she’s happy to be in the epicenter of events and to explore the life and traditions of London. Maria Shukshina told of a life of luxury in London

      It is worth noting that Maria Shukshina for three months with great inspiration talks about the British capital, spreading short videos with my sketches and observations in microblogging.