Maria Shukshin forced to compete with her mother

Марию Шукшину заставили конкурировать с матерью The actress will first come on the scene. The star will play in the play “the red snowball tree”, based on the famous works of Vasily Shukshin. This will happen after 43 years after the premiere of legendary pictures with Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina.
Марию Шукшину заставили конкурировать с матерью

Maria Shukshina is set to debut on the theatrical stage. Actress and TV presenter follows in the footsteps of his mother Lidia Fedoseeva-Shukshina. The star will stand in the way “of zaochnitsa” Luba Baykalovo, which was once played by people’s artist of the RSFSR in the film “Kalina Krasnaya” Vasily Shukshin.

The eponymous premiere performances will be on December 4 at the theater “Russian song”. The Director was Dmitry Petrun. As the press service of the cultural institutions in the production also employed Alexander Kogan, Sergey Nikonenko, Nadezhda Babkin, Vyacheslav Manucharov, Alexander Kogan and Andrei Merzlikin.

Petrun said, I put a new version of the iconic works of Shukshin. The Director is going to share their own vision of the creation of the famous writer and Director.

“This story is about the openness which is missing, about the eternal search of a better life, about a man who wants to be satisfied emotionally, but finds satisfaction and true happiness alone, finds refuge in their native land, – says Dmitry. My main task is to get away from Shukshin’s textbook, based on his text to tell your story, to ensure that viewers would not want to compare the performance with the famous movie”.
Марию Шукшину заставили конкурировать с матерью

Viewers not only get acquainted with the new interpretation of “Kalina Krasnaya”, you get to hear songs and romances performed by Nadezhda Babkina and theatre. The scenery was engaged in Evgeny Shvets, and the costume designer is Olga Shvets.

We will add that Maria Shukshina is not only a popular actress but also TV presenter. Recently, the star hinted that he was returning to the TV screens. Details the artist chose not to share. Instead, Maria has hinted that he is very pleased to participate in the new project.

“One of my podeschi had a dream about it which I immediately wrote. It’s like she’s watching me on TV. Some transmission, and it I sitting at a table surrounded by friends and we give each other gifts… And the other our podistica on the same day wrote: “it is a Pity that you don’t have a transmission on TV, the rating would be huge, higher than other programs”. That day was a lot like talking about the gear and regret… And on the same day the decision was made to create a new program!” – Maria shared on Instagram.

For 15 years she led the transfer of “Wait for me” on the First channel. After Maria left the project, her place was taken by Ksenia Alferova. Now the popular program airs on NTV, to busy Julia Vysotsky, Sergey Shakurov and founder of rescue organization “Lisa Alert” Grigory Sergeyev.