Maria Sharapova’s triumphant comeback

Мария Шарапова триумфально возвращается в большой спорт The famous tennis player won in court in the case of disqualification for doping. Maria Sharapova will be able to participate in the competitions in April next year. Thus, the term of discharge of sportswomen from competition was reduced to nine months.

      The news that Maria Sharapova was accused of doping, shook the whole community. Most of the audience were struck by the punishment – two years the famous tennis player was barred from competing. The athlete is not resigned to this fate, and therefore decided to appeal. As a result, today Sports arbitration court delivered its verdict. According to the document published on the official website of the court, and now Sharapova will return to the sport in April next year. Thus, the athlete will be able to take part in the Open championship of France, which will start on 28 may.

      One of the highest paid players found out that she was accused of doping, in the Open championship of Australia. Her blood was discovered Meldonium. From the first of January 2016, the Commission has added it to the list of banned drugs. Because of the scandal that erupted around the positive test result, the outcome of the competition was revised. Mary was deprived of the money that she got for a prize, and also annulled the ranking points. Doping scandal: who will take the work of Maria Sharapova?

      After the incident, Sharapova hurried to make excuses for the situation. She said that within a few years took Meldonium, but did so only in the framework of the prevention of diabetes of the first type. Ten years ago, doctors prescribed this drug, as found in famous athletes predisposition to the disease. However, Sharapova said that he understands the situation and is not afraid to take responsibility for themselves.

      The doping scandal involving Maria Sharapova provoked a surge of activity among the paparazzi, who follow every step of her life. Maria reacted calmly to such situations.

      “I love the morning. New day, new start. But today was not the usual. All I can think about wanting to return to tennis, and I hope I’ll have the chance again to go to court. Of course, I’d prefer not to get into a similar situation, but I already got to it and pass through it. I went to the gym to sweat. At this point I noticed that I was pursuing a lot of cars with tinted Windows. Good old paparazzi again, the post,” wrote Sharapova.