Maria Sharapova will study at Harvard

Мария Шарапова будет учиться в Гарварде

In connection with the disqualification of the tennis player Maria Sharapova will have to spend two years out of this great sport. But the Russian was not accustomed to sit idly by, and decided to devote the liberated time.. learning. As it became known, Mary became a student at Harvard business school. This she announced on his page on the social network Twitter.

Мария Шарапова будет учиться в Гарварде

“I don’t know how it happened, but Hey, Harvard! Looking forward to the start of training!” — Sharapova wrote under the photos, where she is depicted near educational institutions.
Recall that Sharapova was disqualified due to the fact that her blood found traces of a prohibited drug Meldonium. He was component of a drug that Maria took in the last few years. Their athlete was prescribed by a doctor. The tennis player claimed that he was unaware of the change in the anti-doping list, and that takes a prohibited drug. By the way, because of the scandal, Sharapova has lost several lucrative advertising contracts.

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