Maria Sharapova will regain the lost millions

Мария Шарапова вернет себе потерянные миллионы
Russian athlete commented on his disqualification.

Maria Sharapova

Photo: Legion-media

Sports arbitration court in Lausanne has decided to reduce the period of Ineligibility Maria Sharapova. Russian athlete can return to competition in April 2017. In the court’s decision, CAS noted that the player was indeed not sufficiently informed about the introduction of Meldonium in the list of banned drugs.

For Sharapova, it was great news both from the point of view of restoring the reputation and financial. In January of this year, when it became known about the disqualification of Mary for two years, several major companies have terminated Sharapova multimillion-dollar advertising contracts. Now, when the court implicitly recognized the innocence of the Russian athletes, employers will be happy to restore with Sharapova the previous agreement.

“We are delighted that Maria will play again in April she will return to his favorite sport. We look forward to working with her!” — said representatives of Nike. Porsche also announced that will restore the contract to Mary. We took note of the recently announced final judicial decision of the CAS against Maria Sharapova, and we gladly welcome. We were and still are in close contact with her. As we have always emphasized our interaction was dependent on the final verdict. The contracts were terminated, but now we will be discussing our future cooperation in the coming days and weeks!” the statement says Porsche. However, not all companies decided to go back to previous joint work with the Russian tennis player. For example, watch giant Tag Heuer has refused to reinstate a contract with Maria even after the decision of the Arbitration court.

By the way, initially, the media reported that as a result of the ensuing scandal Maria risked losing 140 million dollars! However, it is now evident that the figure of their losses will be significantly less.