Мария Шарапова поступила в Гарвард

The time that Maria Sharapova was disqualified because of the doping scandal, the tennis player decided to spend at Harvard business school.

Because of the doping scandal tennis player Maria Sharapova was disqualified for two years. She plans to challenge the decision of the International tennis Federation (ITF), and in case of failure she’s already thought of the lesson in the near future. Sharapova entered the Harvard business school.

News Mary personally shared on the Facebook page. “I don’t know how it happened, but Hey, Harvard! Can’t wait to get started!”, she wrote in the post with their own picture on the background of the signboard of the school.

From competition, including the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro Maria Sharapova was suspended after she failed a dope test. On 7 March, the athlete announced at an urgent press conference in Los Angeles, received a letter from International tennis Federation, which said that its test detected Meldonium. He was included in the list of banned substances in January 2016. Sharapova said that took the drug Mildronat, Meldonium known as, at the insistence of the doctor for 10 years and did not know that he is among doping substances.

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