Maria Sharapova was humiliated by Serena Williams

Мария Шарапова унизила Серену Уильямс
Russian tennis player for the first time spoke about the reasons for long-term feud with the legendary athlete.

Мария Шарапова унизила Серену Уильямс

Maria Sharapova


Serena Williams


Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams — for many years competed on the court. However, their
the confrontation was not limited to sports performances. The feud and Mary
Serena knew everything. And now Maria has decided to tell, finally, what, in
actually, they began a quarrel.

This story of Mary, who celebrated this year the 30th birthday, told in his autobiographical
the book, excerpts of which were published As said Sharapova,
it all started back in 2004-m to year.

“Then I met with Serena at the Miami Open — and lost. But only 3
months later, we became rivals at Wimbledon. In that time the victory
left me. After the game, she hugged me and said, “You played well!” And
smiled. But I felt that her smile was insincere. And when I
came in the locker room, he heard her crying. She just sobbed,
it was a desperate, some uterine weeping. I tried to get away as
quieter and faster, but it was clear: she knows I heard everything. And shortly after that
I learned that she told one of her friends: “Never, I swear never will I
more won’t lose to that bitch!”

A few years later things got worse — when
Sharapova began an affair with tennis player Grigor Dimitrov, who threw
Serena. Then priravnivaetsya ex boyfriend Williams publicly insulted Sharapova. And that, in the answer, too
I’m saying a lot of hurtful words… Well, this story ended long ago. Maria
and Grigor broke up two years ago. And Serena engaged to Alexis Ohanian
and very soon give birth to his child.

“Now that all remains from the past, we
Serena, who knows, maybe even become friends. The idea is that we would have
to be friends, because we all have one common passion – tennis!” said