Maria Sharapova showed “steel” press on vacation

Мария Шарапова показала «стальной» пресс на отдыхе
The famous athlete has demonstrated a perfect figure.

Maria Sharapova

Photo: Instagram

In Moscow
the snow fell, and not the first, and many celebrities continues hot
summer. For example, a 30-year-old Russian
tennis player Maria Sharapova had gone on holiday to the sea. Photos from vacation
she shares with her fans in Instagram.

In pictures Sharapova demonstrates perfect figure: cubes
press and slender body. No wonder, because a daily workout for Sharapova
for many years of his career become a good habit.

Fans appreciated
appreciated, in a great shape is the famous tennis player. It is known that
the athlete brand a few trade secrets on how to achieve
the ideal figure.

In the first
turn, Maria believes that it is necessary to train even when you want it
last thing in the world.

“I will not say that
I love to train: I’m dying to get tired of doing the same thing day in and
day,” — says tennis player. Three and a half hours a day, 6 times
a week – these are its standards. So before the competition, it lacks half an hour
for warm-up.

tries to avoid routine and not
limited to only training in the gym.

“I ride
bike, do yoga. Latest hobby is sports and dance
the complex, combining elements of ballroom dance salsa and gymnastics, says
Maria. Actually, I’m an active person and carried away, but there are moments when I
feel terrible physical fatigue and understand that it is my limit,” says
Masha. If you feel that you are already exhausted, and the more I got injured, I give
myself to rest.”

Sharapova advised not to get carried away with diets. Especially when such physical

makes me happy like good food, she says. — I’m not exhausting yourself diets
do not refuse sweet: it is sometimes useful to pamper yourself”.