Maria Sharapova returned to the sport

Мария Шарапова возвращается в спорт

After the scandal with Meldonium detected in the blood of the Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova, her career seemed to be over. In addition to worrying for the future of the athlete also received a blow “below the belt” from a variety of brands, which terminated its advertising contracts. But the black strip tends to be replaced with white, and this seems to have come from Sharapova.

This morning on the website of the tennis tournament “Roland Garros”, to be held in Paris at the end of may, in the participants list appeared the name of Mary. Obviously, the disqualification no longer threatens her, and she returned to the sport.
Recall that Mary and did not hide that for a long time took Meldonium. He was a part of the medicines prescribed by the attending physician Sharapova to treat old sports injuries. Since January of this year, the drug was included in the list of doping drugs, but because Mary failed the test. She was not the only athlete who got in a doping scandal this year because of Meldonium, but for Sharapova it meant a significant financial loss.
Many famous brands have suspended cooperation with the tennis star, but some people simply terminated them. Maybe after everything is settled, they will be able to restore them.

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