Мария Шарапова встречается с манекенщиком

That’s the twist! Maria Sharapova had an affair with male model, and not just with male model and former boyfriend of Australian singer Kylie Minogue with Andres Belicoso. Paparazzi caught the lovers strolling through Paris. Maria and Andres were holding hands and looked happy and serene.

Officially, the athlete and model their relationship is not confirmed, but this is not the first appearance of the star court and Andres in public. First saw them at a music festival Coachella, but then they are not perceived as a couple.
Recall that last year Sharapova had parted ways with his colleague tennis player Grigor Dimitrov after a few years of relationship and Andres and Kylie Minogue in 2013. The singer had a serious boyfriend types, and even hoped one day to become his wife. Gap initiated Belicoso, was very painful – after five years spent together.

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