Марии Шараповой приписывают новый роман The tennis player has noticed in the company of Spanish actor and model Andres Velencoso on a walk in Paris. Young people shook hands and looked very happy. After her breakup with Grigor Dimitrov Maria Sharapova did not advertise his personal life.

      Марии Шараповой приписывают новый роман
      Марии Шараповой приписывают новый роман

      Famous tennis player Maria Sharapova almost a year ago broke up with my boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov. The athletes were together for almost three years and fans seemed like the perfect couple. However, after the breakup, Maria did not advertise his personal life. But now the Western journalists suggest that a famous athlete once again found love in the face of a famous actor and model Andreas Velencoso. Spanish male model and tennis player were seen together in Paris.

      The foreign press reported that the photos perfectly clear that the couple does not hide their feelings towards each other – they hold hands and hug. Moreover, rumor has it that France came Sharapova because beloved, which was held in Paris Photocall. Then the young men went to Spain. Besides, the couple spent time together at a music festival, which took place in California.

      A year ago, the breakup with Maria Sharapova tennis player Grigor Dimitrov community discussed quite a long time. Despite the fact that the press often appeared rumors that the athletes are not together, the gap of their relationship came as a surprise to fans. Sharapova and Dimitrov did not made any comments regarding their personal lives. But then Grigor still confirmed that between him and Maria it’s over. “We went our separate ways. We have experienced wonderful moments together. I wish her much happiness and success in life and tennis,” – said Dimitrov.

      Failure on the love front Maria Sharapova were a mystery for all fans of the athletes. Many people made assumptions, why is a girl unlucky in relationships.

      “It imposed damage, crown of celibacy, it happened when Mary was 23 years old. And did woman – because men matter of envy, or jealousy. From interference can be removed, I would recommend Mary to go to the Holy places. Personal life Sharapova changes are not expected until 2016. In 2017 she will probably marry and bear a child. But then followed a difficult divorce,” said “StarHit” the sixth finalist of “the battle of psychics” Ziraddin Rzayev.

      It is quite possible that Andres is the man who became the darling of the athletes.

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