Мария Распутина не намерена возвращать дочь экс-супругу The famous singer has recently established communication with Lydia, with whom she’d been fighting for about 12 years. The heiress star was treated in a psychiatric hospital, where she was put by the native father Vladimir Ermakov. Rasputin is not going to share with ex-husband of the child: a daughter left to live with her.

      Мария Распутина не намерена возвращать дочь экс-супругу

      In mid-June Masha Rasputina reconciled with her eldest daughter Lydia. The girl suffers from a disorder of the nervous system, so over the long years passed treatment in psychiatric clinic. In one of the airs it turned out that she put to father Vladimir Ermakov. Masha Rasputina was reunited with her eldest daughter

      Lydia told me that this man has long abused her, and then forcibly sent to a psychiatric hospital, where she is “pumped” psychotropic substances. Initially, the daughter trusted Yermakov, but then I realized that he only mocks her.

      “I went against mom. He told me: “I’ll make you a star”. All the dirt that poured out on my mom, it’s because of me happened. I am ashamed to Victor Evstafievich (second husband of Masha Rasputina — approx.ed.) and his children. I have to be a good daughter Masha Rasputina and a worthy sister of her children. Ermakov made me disabled 2 groups, my words don’t connect to each other,” shared Lydia.

      In a press there was an information that Vladimir Ermakov wants to take the daughter, therefore, on duty at the mansion of the singer. “StarHit” has decided to clarify this information and contacted the husband Rasputina Viktor Zakharov. According to him, “this lunatic”, as he calls Ermakova, to the house close do not admit.

      “He then appears, he knows that he’ll chop his head off,” said Victor.

      Lydia does not want to see his father, she’s happy that I finally was able to get out of the hell in which it drew Ermakov. Husband of Masha says against Vladimir already have a criminal case to punish him for all the abuse of the daughter. According to some publications, 52-year-old man raped Lydia, and then specially placed her in a psychiatric clinic to take the apartment that was donated to the girl mother and sell it.

      Masha Rasputina only regrets his eldest daughter and will not hold that against her. Recall that Lydia is not just unflattering comments about the singer in interviews.

      “When a person has brain atrophy under the influence of drugs, it is easy to manage… I tell my youngest daughter, “don’t look that Lida brought your mother so much grief, and pity her as a person, look at it from the side. Especially now that she actually became ill, she was broken hormonal background, she began to recover,” – said Masha Rasputina.

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