Мария Порошина рассказала, как Куценко спас ее от мошенников
The actor stopped speculation on behalf of the former wife.

Maria Poroshina

Photo: Yury Feklistov

As it turned out, recently, former husband of Maria Poroshina, Gosha Kutsenko, helped her in a very unpleasant situation.

“I started the account in social networks, — admitted Mary. Not
wonder why. Yes, and there’s no time. But my fans made from
my name. And posted there is a photo of my performances, other information
about me. To me it does not interfere. But then my name became
hang it up, miracle creams, watches and other “products”,
I’ve never heard of. The last straw was the information about the patient
the child, a photo of him with a ripped midsection and account number to which
asked to transfer money for the child’s treatment. I strongly doubt that
this is a real child and money is going on him.
Upset scary, because people cheat, using my name.
Called Pauline (daughter of General Poroshina and Kutsenko. — Approx. ed.) and she told my dad about it. Gosh immediately called back:
“Manya, this is just a disgrace! To prevent speculation on your
name, you need to start your account!” And now the Network has a real
Mariya Poroshina…”

The actress said that despite the divorce the former spouses were able to maintain a great relationship.

“We go to each other’s homes, — says the actress. — After a breakup, it’s normal to respect the man you once loved or that meant a lot to you in life. Normally sincerely wish him happiness. Of course, I’m just glad that Ghosh has found his happiness, that he had children. I think that’s what proper love, not the one which go hand in hand jealousy and envy”.

The full interview with Maria Poroshina about his personal life, parenting and new projects read in the latest issue of the magazine “7 days”.