Мария Порошина вернулась к семье
After the birth of youngest daughter the actress has visited in the tour.

Мария Порошина вернулась к семье

Maria Poroshina with her husband Ilya Drevnov

Photo: Yuri Feklistov

After the birth of their fourth daughter
named Glafira, Maria Poroshina has been on maternity leave only one and a half
months. But on March 20 he performed with his regular partner in the play “Unfinished
Roman” Yaroslav Boyko in Murom. Then had a week full of travel and
performances in other Northern cities. Every day was a new Playground. The actors managed to collect a full house
even in Petrozavodsk, which usually try to sidestep entrepreneurs,
assuring that the city sell a full room is nearly impossible.

Of course, such a long trip, Maria did not take
with a little girl. With Glasha left at home by her father, actor Ilya Drevnov and senior
sisters, 20-year-old Pauline, 10-year-old Seraphim, and 5-year-old Agrippina. In Moscow
Poroshina and smartly returned to the international theatre day and this evening as well
played the show, already for the audience. The stars there is a sign:
if a professional holiday you go on stage, you will be in demand
for the whole year.

Maria Poroshina and Yaroslav Boyko on the poster

Luck worked out perfectly! Already on 3 April Poroshina again
briefly say goodbye to family and go on a regular tour, now
in the direction of Kazan and Ulan-Ude. And in this mode (home — tour — house) Mary will live for another
for many months, because tickets to the show with her participation sold inclusive
by next winter. For example, on December 15 they smartly play your theatrical hit
in the Baltic States.

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