Maria Poroshina hardly finds time for raising daughters

Мария Порошина с трудом находит время для воспитания дочерей The actress and her husband told about his family life. Due to the busy schedule Poroshina very rarely sees his four girls. Well, Mary had there is support and support in the face of a loving wife, always ready to take my wife.

      Мария Порошина с трудом находит время для воспитания дочерей

      Popular actress Maria Poroshina is the mother of four daughters and a workaholic. Two months ago she gave birth to a charming Glasha. During her pregnancy Poroshina has not stopped acting. Just a month until the girls actress stopped to play in the TV series “Chesnochnitsy”. And after some time after the family poroshino the happened the addition, she returned to work. Now you can see it at the theater, in the play “Unfinished novel”. There she plays a beloved actor Yaroslav Boyko. And worried: not too much has she put on weight after childbirth, do not is the audience.

      “To my weekend and the weekend children are equal — this happens rarely. When this happens, we go for walks, we have a wonderful Park. Mother leads them to the Tretyakov gallery, the Pushkin Museum, to different performances. And the house — to play, to love, to hug, to give them warmth and love,” said Poroshina about how to raise their children here.

      Мария Порошина с трудом находит время для воспитания дочерей

      Poroshino is on whom to rely when she’s on set. A real partner is the beautiful actress is also an actor. His name is Ilya Drevnov, he is often forced to remain in the shadow of his famous wife, but it seems that it does not bother him. Drawnow happy to raise all four daughters while Poroshina busy at work. He can change diapers little Glasha, check homework Seraphim, and Agrippina to take on classes in gymnastics.

      “My heart rejoices, as they are one after the other. From small to large, like real sisters. Yeah, I have to take Masha to get up early. My wife is a terrific mother, but she has a profession that she loves,” says Drewno.

      As the eldest daughter of Poroshina, Marina, she was born from an illegitimate marriage of the actress and Gosha Kutsenko and bears the name of his father. But that doesn’t stop Ilya Drevnov and her sisters warm chat with the girl. In which case the Marina may ask for advice from all people close to her — Poroshino, Drenova and Kutsenko.

      Ilya Drevnov also admitted that, despite four kids, he would like another one. Like any man, Drawnow would like to father a son. “Sometimes you think, well, maybe another son and to try to give birth. This is only the first child is brought up with difficulty, because there is no experience, and then everything goes like butter” — shared poroshino the spouse with the TV channel NTV.

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