Мария Порошина впервые показала дочь
The actress shared a photo of six-month-old baby.

With the birth of the youngest daughter, Maria Poroshina it’s been five months,
and the actress, now only showed a photo of the baby. The actress published a
a picture together with Glaphyra, which was made during the walk. “Walk” —
so simply signed photograph Poroshina.

Recall, February 3, Maria Poroshina in the fourth time became
mom. The actress and her husband Ilya was born Drevnov another girl
parents named Glasha (full name of Glafira in Greek means
“sophisticated, elegant”). The choice of name was not surprised to have loved ones star
after all, the rest of the daughters of Mary as beautiful and unusual names. Drawnow and
Poroshina educate 10-year-old Seraphim, and 5-year-old Agrippina.

Walk ??

A photo posted by Maria Poroshina (@mashaporoshina) on Jul 4, 2016 at 3:33am PDT

The eldest daughter
Actresses, 20-year-old Pauline (from a civil marriage with Gosha Kutsenko — Approx.
7days.ru) followed in the footsteps of his famous parents: a girl studying in the third
know Theatre Institute named after Boris Shchukin, and a lot in films.
Moreover, in 15 years, aspiring actress played the main role in the movie Faith
Watchdog “Compensation”.

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