Мария Порошина заявила о готовности к пластике A famous actress recently shared with his fans that a positive attitude to the intervention of surgeons. It is likely that in the future Poroshina will have to take this step to stay in demand actress.

      Мария Порошина заявила о готовности к пластике

      Many public people, reaching a certain age, you begin to think about plastic surgery as long as possible to appear young and beautiful. 42-year-old actress Maria Poroshina is no exception to this rule. She recently shared with fans his thoughts on the surgery.

      According to Poroshina, to go under the knife or not — a private matter. Is the celebrity does not deny that ever have recourse to such procedures in order to remain in demand actress. While Maria also notes that some artists are able to look great without any tweaks.

      “For cinema, it is important that the appearance was pleasant and attractive. When you get to a certain age, then you need to see whether it is necessary to be young. There is a wonderful artist who did not specifically make and look interesting. They are beautiful spiritual glow from the inside and carry the old as a gift. They know how to use it, you know what to do at this age. It is a personal choice how to feel and position. Can’t say I won’t take advantage of five years of surgical delights” — shared Poroshina in his Instagram.

      We will remind that in the beginning of this year, the family of the actress and her husband, actor and Director Ilya Drevnov was replenished. Maria became a mother for the fourth time. A charming rare little girl given the name Glafira, which translates as “elegant” or “refined”.

      Mariya Poroshina hard to find time for the education of daughters

      By the way, the other daughters of celebrities are also beautiful names. The woman and her husband are raising 10-year-old Seraphim, and 5-year-old Agrippina. In addition, Poroshina has a 20-year-old heiress Pauline, father which is Gosha Kutsenko. The girl is going to follow in the footsteps of famous parents. At the moment she is studying at the Theatre Institute named Shchukin and makes the first steps as an actress. On account of its participation in several projects, including the series “the Last COP”, where she played with his dad. In an interview, Ghosh said that Pauline came to the casting on a General basis, and its participation in the film he initially perceived negatively, but in the end accepted it.

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