Мария Порошина призналась, что несколько лет мечтает только об одном
The actress has turned to friends.

Maria Poroshina with her daughters Agrippina and Serafima

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Maria Poroshina told how to cope with raising four daughters, the youngest of which, Glasha, only six months old.

“All in the family, in
the house meets the mother, the actress. — What problem is occurring and solve it. Recently I
was vacuuming and mopping the floors, and Glasha I was sitting in the Bjorn on my belly — no one
had to put her down. First, my daughter was unhappy, she didn’t like the sound of a vacuum cleaner.
But then I fell asleep, despite the noise. I quietly finished cleaning and
Glasha put to bed. I’m constantly trying to thread the needle so that you and the baby to rock, and lunch
to cook and clothes to iron. Although, of course, I have helpers
nannies who have been working with us. Sometimes I
can something to do with the kids to miss, and then the nanny will come: “Mash, but
there is a problem…” or say I’m wrong”.

As if the actress wasn’t tired, she tries to follow the rule: never swear at children and not put them in a corner.

“In my childhood, the worst punishment was when my mom stopped
talk to me, ” says Maria. — I knew that was guilty, and replay it in your head, why my mother was offended. So do I. If
upset, I will not cry, raise your voice. Daughters see me
worried, and they feel ashamed. Mom works, gets tired, spends at hand
and time, gives gifts, as it turns out, they can’t even basic
things to do… They cry, apologize, and is more effective than
to punish, to put in the corner.”

But there are moments when Poroshina forced to seek the assistance of loved ones.

for many years I dreamed the same dream — to sleep, — says Maria. — If you are able extra
two hours to relax, I feel energized. But when for
ten days only sleep four hours a day, the power is low. So sometimes they say: “Help me, help me,
change me!” And the one who at that moment free — husband (actor Ilya Drevnov — approx. ed), grandmothers take girls
for me, and I get the afternoon off…”

The full interview with Mary Poroshina read in the latest issue of the magazine.

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