Maria Pogrebnyak will repeat the fate of Olga Buzova

Мария Погребняк повторит судьбу Ольги Бузовой
Wife of footballer harshly criticized.

Maria Pogrebnyak with a friend

Photo: @Instagram mariapoga_ Maria Pogrebnyak

Maria Pogrebnyak has become… a singer! After Olga Buzova, endearing musical Olympus, footballer’s wife and mother of many children decided to try their hand at the profession of the artist. Maria has already recorded his first song called “rich-bitch related”. On the days were shooting the video for this song.

“Very soon will come our clip that we’re shooting today! The project “rich-bitch related” is more than just a song. The project anticipates the appearance of the collection of youth clothes (gillock for us, it is) and is calling people to right behavior, explain that to be a major not cool (in the video we way sixteen majorek)!” — said Maria.

By the way in the filming of this clip Pogrebnyak managed to get into an accident, and on a completely empty highway. However, perhaps the accident was part of the script. This will be judged after the premiere of the clip. Mary also says that her project was created for charitable purposes. But which ones, not yet admitted.

By the way, the way Pogrebnyak and her friends for the video was harshly criticized by her own fans. However, as her decision to become a singer. Pogrebnyak broke into the world of show business quite unexpectedly. Before the wife of the athlete was actively engaged in the promotion of its own brand of clothing and raising three sons — Artyom, Pavel and Alexey.