Мария Погребняк носит одежду сына The wife of a famous football player is a large mother and owner of a stunning figure. We know that Mary leads a healthy lifestyle and trying to eat right. Recently revealed that she is without any difficulty can put on things to one of his heirs.

      Мария Погребняк носит одежду сына

      28-year-old designer and wife of striker Moscow “Dynamo” Pavel Pogrebnyak Mary — mother of many children. The stars are raising three sons, Alex, Artem and Pavel. Many wonder how Mary had managed to quickly come in shape after childbirth and maintain it for a long time. The figure of a woman can only envy. And recently Pogrebnyak told in his “Instagrame” that she’s so thin she could easily wear the items of one of his heirs.

      “Well, my son and one size of the shorts. Your forgot, they took him,” Maria shared on social networks.
      Мария Погребняк носит одежду сына

      She also issued a joint photo with the kids. It is possible not only to look at the charming sons of football stars, but also to see in what great shape is Maria. Subscribers women admired her slimness. “As soon as possible to be a doll after several births. It’s fantastic”, “that’s cool, a mother of three children and so slender”, “Slender very young”, “Beauty”, “Everything is beautiful”, “You very nice man”, “you Have gorgeous legs and figure,” they wrote in the comments of the post Pogrebnyak.

      At the same time, someone from those who follow the life and work of Mary thought she was too thin and it would not hurt to get better. “Good, that pleases us with his photo, but to gain her a few pounds” — expressed their opinion.

      The Mary and her sons were taken during a family holiday. The woman and her husband decided to cook and escape from everyday work in the country, as is usual in summer. Mary also recorded a video which showed what kind of flowers grow on the territory of her and her husband a country house. “I love peonies”, “Masha, you are like a flower”, — commented on the roller Pogrebnyak her followers.

      Мария Погребняк носит одежду сына

      By the way, recently Maria and her husband set up dinner with another famous football player — midfielder and second Vice-captain of the Moscow “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov. The evening was also attended by the wife of a celebrity Olga Buzova. “An explosive mixture. Barbie and Ken in the collection,” joked the presenter on a joint photo with friends. As for Mary, she chose to refrain from humor and just called Olga in his microblog of “most native”.

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